after the summer is the story of a woman’s longing towards all the things that could have been.

during the course of a summer day, sally and her two friends awaits the arrival of louis, whom they can’t get a hold of. while waiting, sally's dreams, memories and thoughts of the future mixes while the past reveals itself through stories that aren’t necessarily true.

written and directed by: bjarke underbjerg
produced by: bacon cph
in collaboration with: mami productions
producer: mads-august grarup hertz
executive producer: mette jermiin

sally: fanny louise berth
leila: marta holm peschcke-køedt
louis: troels kortegaard ullerup
jack: lasse steen jensen
girl in cafe: nanna finding koppel
girl in cafe: carla eleonora feigenberg

director of photography: søren kahr
editor: ania de sá
b-editor: søren kahr
sound designer: jakob strandgaard
composer: johan carøe

gaffer: jacob østergaard johansson
production manager: kristian nordbøge pedersen
production designer: signe ralkov
1st ad: jeppe lange
1st ad selected days: pelle götze johansson

focus puller: mikkel hjort
focus puller selected days: gustav stork
sound recordist: jakob strandgaard
boomer: jacob langkjær

colorgrade: bacon x
colorist: hannibal lang
colorgrade producer: camilla strandskov

camera supplied by: maan rental
Lights provided by: film gear
editing facilities: bacon mph
grading facilities: bacon x
car rental: avis

log load: victor mathiesen

finance manager: tomas kjeldsen
finance manager: kim lewis

after the summer was shot on various locations in copenhagen, october 2018

all rights reserved bacon cph, bjarke underbjerg & mads-august grarup hertz

© Copyright Søren Kahr. 2014.  All Rights Reserved.